Time for a crazy rant on the City of Raleigh

Ok, a Saturday evening rant. Just paid this months water bill and noticed that water usage is now tiered. 4.533 CCF at $2.28 for usage tier one. Then we used 1.467 CCF @ 3.80 for tier two. But waste water usage is a flat tier @ $2.42. At least they don’t charge for extra craps you take. But wait a minute, tiering water? Isn’t water essentially a utility, you pay for what you consume? Having tiering doesn’t foster conservation. If you have to shower, you shower. Nobody is going to use the toilet twice before flushing to save a gallon of water. Not yet anyway.

If you have a family, you obviously consume more water than a single guy who’s at home every night playing WoW. So this tiering of water usage is discriminatory. It adversely affects families and especially those of low incomes. The City of Raleigh has an anti-family water policy! No other way to view it.

Then to top it off, there’s the Water Administration fee. There is also a separate Waste Water Administration fee. Knowing local government, it’s probably separate departments, where the bill gets processed twice with redundant workers.

One thought on “Time for a crazy rant on the City of Raleigh

  1. Well, get use to consumptoin based pricing or tiering as you define it.

    Water is going to get just as critical as energy with the advent of Global Warming…

    Don’t take so many craps, don’t take long showers… in fact run a bath and let all you family use the same bath each morning! You can draw straws for who gets to go first!

    Government at work!

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