Apple faces questions from Congress about iPhone tracking – Computerworld

So the FCC and now Congress want to question Apple about the stored GPS data on their phones. First, I don’t think Apple is the only company that is secretly doing this. Second, if they want to get to the root of the issue, I’d suggest that they take a trip across the street to the Justice Dept., the FBI, NSA and other agencies that probably have known all along and probable requested it, since they’re the ones that routinely obsess with finding ways around the 4th amendment.

Sen. Al Franken D.-Minn., who chairs a new privacy panel set up in February, yesterday asked Apple to explain why its iPhones are tracking users locations.The Federal Communications Commission FCC is also reportedly looking into the matter, while a Congressman from Washington State has followed Frankens lead, promising to ask questions of his own.Frankens letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs came after a pair of British researchers reported Wednesday that iPhones and 3G iPads running iOS 4 logged up to 100 location entries daily.

via Apple faces questions from Congress about iPhone tracking – Computerworld.