Unions on strike at Verizon, here’s a solution

So let’s see. There are millions of unemployed people in America, and many with a good education and learning skills. The unions at Verizon just went on strike, 45,000 of them. In a nutshell, what do they want? They want to be paid regardless of their performance, and want guarantees in compensation and benefits, whether the company is doing well or not.

I suggest putting a sign out front saying “we’re hiring, and throwing in six weeks of telecom training for the job”. For people who really want to work and earn a fair wage commensurate to their education and the job requirements, hire them, train them and let them work. Let the union members who strike because they want pay and benefits above the fair value of the job sit on the sidelines. And they better NOT be collecting my tax dollars down the road for unemployment and healthcare.

With so many people out of work, these union managers should be ashamed as they only help themselves, not their members.

Workers should be paid for the amount of work they do, especially in telecom, which by the way is a utility service and is measured as such. Get paid per ticket or work order. Do more, get paid more, do less, get paid less. We’ve all seen those telecom trucks parked on the corner near our subdivisions or streets, where the guy gets out after sitting in his truck for 30 minutes, performs a work order, then returns to his truck for another 30 or so minutes before driving off to his next location. As a telecommuter, I see this a lot, work for 20 minutes and sit in the truck the next hour because they’re part of a union.