Lamar Smith, read the Constitution

Lamar Smith, not content with his previous SOPA lunacy, want to just go all out nuts. Masking under the guise of fighting child porn, he wants everything you do online logged, and ISP be forced to hand it over to any government agency. No warrent, no cause, just give it up. Apparently, the 4th amendment in the Constitution that guards against unreasonable search and seizures no longer applies.  Exactly how do these folks get in office??  Probably due to too many Americans watching American Idol or Jersey Shore to pay attention to what their gov’t is doing…..and Congress thanks you very much for that.

Too many fallen heroes have given their lives to protect our very rights and freedoms. Don’t let their loss be in vain. Send these disillusioned “representatives” packing….

Lamar Smith (R-TX), author of the ill-starred SOPA Internet regulation, has an even dumber idea for the Internet. In the name of fighting child pornography, he wants to force ISPs to log everything you do online, then make it available to police and government agents without a warrant. Leslie Meredith has a writeup on the mounting opposition to Smith’s latest act of unconstitutional lunacy:

via SOPA’s author wants everything you do online logged and made available without a warrant – Boing Boing.