The “Red Route” Southeast Outer Loop Extension

Southeast Outer Loop Extension – Google Maps.


Well, just sent my email to my elected officials and the Turnpike Authority to voice my opposition to the southeastern loop of NC540, aka the Red Route. In studying the route further, it is actually within 1600 FEET of our home. At risk are some fantastic neighborhoods, local parks, and our drinking water. This simply cannot happen, at all costs. We have lived in this town now for 20 years now. We’ve moved several times and we’re still in this nice town. That’s saying something.

As with most politicians and gov’t agencies, they target the populous that is least represented or where they feel there will be less opposition. All this reminds me of a saying. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner….Liberty is the lamb disputing the results…”

I’m truly amazed and astounded as to how little vocal opposition there is to this. Maybe it’s the lack of awareness of what’s happening, or that people think their voice doesn’t matter. You inaction is your action, and in the end, you get the government you deserve. The @StopTheRedRoute twitter account only has seven (7) followers, although there are tens of thousands in Garner proper and surrounding areas.

If you’re also here in Garner, here’s the page to get more information and to send a letter to all the parties involved. Representatives Paul Stam and Nelson Dollar have introduced a bill to repeal N.C. S.L. 2011-7. The repeal would allow the Red Route to be studied and constructed. I’ve always believed that with politicians, there’s always a motivating factor behind their decisions. I expect that someday it will come to light with these two as to what they stand to gain personally. I think it’s a safe bet that neither of these to gentlemen actually live in Garner.

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