Bubble Browser 2 :: Entirely new approach for your Evernote data!

If you use Evernote and would like some visual insight into your data, here’s a great visualization tool for your “data mining”. Very real, dimensional and interactive, providing a new approach to searching and discovering your info.

As it’s dependent upon tags, I’ve discovered just how much I don’t tag as I rely on the pure indexing in Evernote to search, the brute force method. I think I’m going to just sit around one day and go through the 4000+ notes that don’t have tags, it  will be an interesting exercise. If there’s a feature that should bei n Evernote, this is it. Maybe they’ll purchase the company and integrate it directly into evernote.

For the time being, the app is free in the Mac App store, but definitely worth a few dollars.

Bubble Browser 2 :: Entirely new approach for your Evernote data!.