Autodealers – Capitalists don’t really like Capitalism

Ah, here we go. Yet another association with deep pockets driving the agenda. This time its the North Carolina auto dealers cartel. Seeing that Tesla sells their vehicles direct, dealerships see this as a threat. Here’s a tip for you, Mr. Cartel, it’s not Tesla that’s the threat, it’s your shady sales model and poor quality of service.

If a person is going to buy a Tesla, your purchasing of politicians won’t matter. If I were to buy a Tesla, I’d simply buy it out of state and drive it home. If I really wanted one, I would have it, regardless of what strong-arming you accomplish. To me, there’s no value-add in purchasing a new vehicle from a dealer, it’s just unnecessary markup with no benefit  for the customer, none. Also, your service centers are high priced, and your “certified” mechanics are no better skilled than other mechanics at independent shops. We have a Honda Pilot, we know. The quality of post sales maintenance and service for us is now actually better served with independent maintenance shops.

The auto dealership model with force retail is a dying or dead model as it shows little benefit to the customer. It’s an outdated model that is held together by a deep pocket cartel that can purchase politicians to do their bidding. Period. Eventually, slowly but eventually, customers will have choice, as more innovative companies like Tesla band together to provide legislative balance to get a true, competitive, capitalist market opened.

Tesla, the automaker behind high-end electric vehicles, could be prohibited from selling in North Carolina under legislation moving through the statehouse.

At issue is not what Tesla sells, but how it sells its cars.

Instead of using dealerships, Tesla markets and sells its automobiles through the Internet or by phone. This new business model of selling vehicles has upset owners of car dealerships who see Tesla as a threat to the traditional way of making deals.

That is why the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association sponsored a law that would make it illegal for any carmaker to bypass dealerships and sell directly to customers.

via Controversies – North Carolina Law Would Force New Cars to be Sold through Dealerships – AllGov – News.