Apple Maps – Still a laugh

OK, so a year later and Apple Maps is still a disaster. We’re heading out to dinner tonight to a french place in Durham, NC named Rue Cler. Note, we live south of Raleigh. So firing up Apple Maps on the iPhone for directions, I type in “Rue Cler”. It returns a place in Paris, France, along with many locations in Quebec. Not one mention of the restaurant that is just 30 miles away.

Next, I fire up Google Maps on my iPhone and type in “Rue Cler”. Th very first hit is the restaurant. It’s smart enough to know that since I’m in the western hemisphere, I’m probably interested in this restaurant since it’s close by, and not that I’m about to board a flight to Paris….

BTW, Apple Maps has yet to find the restaurant, although it has been open since OCTOBER OF 2006 !!!!

2 thoughts on “Apple Maps – Still a laugh

  1. Funny. Time for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

    Maybe Apple will have some great announcements next month at their Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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