The Global Warming Challenge for Non-believers

I have a simple challenge for the non-belivers of global warming. Find your nearest smokestack that is spewing out something looking like this.


Now here’s the challenge. Stand there for about 20 consecutive minutes, focusing on the top of the stack. Don’t be distracted by birds flying by (there won’t be any), or people in the background. Just focus on the top of that stack and what is coming out. After those 20 consecutive minutes, I want you to ask yourself two simple questions.

  1. What the heck is that stuff that is coming out of the top of that “pipe”?
  2. Where the hell is that stuff going?

Ok, challenge over. Go dwell on that for a while….

One thought on “The Global Warming Challenge for Non-believers

  1. Well, at least you asked two questions. But I’m not sure if the answers will get you to understand the “Global Climate Change” debate. Sure, humans put waste into the atmosphere. The questions I would ask are 1) how much effect does our activities really have in addition to the natural warming and cooling cycles? (Solar Flares, Volcanic eruptions, cows farting)… 2) Let’s say we were 10% of the problem – 2) How much money would it take to get humans from contributing 10%, 20%, 30% – whatever it is zero? 3) What percentage of contribution are we comfortable with? 4) What happens if the climate changes from going warmer to going cooler? What do we do then?

    The problem with Science is “the scientific method.” I don’t really know that we have the full picture or all the answers to chart a course correction.

    The US has very restrictive EPA regulations compared to say China. I’m ok with reducing our Carbon output if every other nation will do the same. However, “that ain’t going to happen.” And why would we impose a cost of living increase to feel good while the majority of the world still pollutes the very same world we all share?

    Getting to clean energy is expensive and will take time. How much more in taxes are you willing to pay to solve this ?problem?`

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