Google, Me and the NSA

So apparently, everything that I have in gmail and everything I’ve done with Google is in huge hands of the NSA. I think it’s reasonable to say that everything anyone has done anywhere online is in the hands of the government and for-profit companies, period. Our politicians now use the threat of the unknown to spy on its own people, with the objective to further entrench and empower themselves knowing that information is key, and can be a powerful weapon.

It’s the new way of life in our 21st century police state. America will never be the same and for that, it seems that the terrorists have won. They’ve changed who we are.

One thought on “Google, Me and the NSA

  1. Yes, they did win indeed! Haven’t you ever stood in those long security lines at the airport and said “they are laughing at us now… laughing that we now live in fear of them!”

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