A Good Maintenance Weekend

Well, got a lot of stuff done this weekend in prepping for a summer filled with cruising. Still thinking about the Chesapeake. First, changed the carburetor on the Tohatsu outboard. Special thanks to Wade for watching over my shoulder and pointing things out. My first time ever doing that and was done in about ten minutes. Rather simple now that I look back on it. The motor consistently starts on the first or second pull and runs smoothly now.

Also got a couple of fans replaced throughout the boat. Bought a pair of Calfrano fans, one for the main cabin and the second for the aft main berth. I replaced them from the ones I put in a couple of years ago. Found a “special” on Amazon for $18 each. They work but are just too noisy and don’t move much air. These are leaps and bounds better (they shoould at 4X the cost). They’re three speed fans, moves air and are relatively quiet.

Next up, got an asym spinnaker today. Hoisted it, raised the sock and POOF!!, filled right up. Did I mention we did this at the dock? Yup. It was a stretch testing it in ~12kt winds. Got the sock back down and all is good. Can’t wait to try her out on the water, hopefully next weekend.

Now on to the stern transom shower covers. They were weathered out and were broken off when the boat yard was doing some other work on the boat. They ordered replacements and were supposed to install them, they never got around to it so I just picked them up and decided to do them myself. Well, they ordered the wrong type or size, existing holes don’t line up and I’m not drilling new holes. So need to call Bene direct and order the correct ones.

So with all that, a little baseball then it was time for a nice dinner at The Silos. A sirloin drenched in lobster sauce, topped with grilled shrimp over a bed of cajun potatoes. And to go with it? A recommendation of Malibu Rum and lemonade. Nice.