Question of the day is…DAVITS?

I typically go through this every year, thinking about davits or to continue towing the dinghy. I actually have two dinghys. A Zodiac Zoom 8’6″ for when I’m by myself and a Mercury Aerodeck 10’2″ for that rare of rare occasions when the family comes along (over a year now, for a different blog post). Both are fully inflatable and I can actually store either of them in the lazarette. But that’s a pain, inflating and deflating so I just tow them.

Last month when going to Ocracoke in head-on winds over 20kts, I happened to look back and noticed the Zodiac was in the air for a moment, completely our of the water, about a foot high. I cringed expecting the worst but it settled back down. So now I’m thinking of davits again. I really don’t want to ruin the aesthetics of the boat and like the ability to cleanly enter and debark from the transom, those are my main concerns.

But I learned of Kato Marine, and they actually have a set of davits already made for the Beneteau 361, so I’m thinking about it seriously this time. If I do get the davits, that just means I need to get a hard bottom dinghy, preferably with an aluminum floor. One concern I have is that I may have to move my custom motor mount and add stainless tubes on the inside of cockpit. I saw this photo on Kato’s site of a B361 with their davits.
If you know of anyone that has the Kato Marine Island Davits on a B361, send them here.