The Pacific Seacraft 40

Got a treat this weekend, got the pleasure of seeing a Pacific Seacraft that’s for sale. What a fantastic bluewater boat. Pacific Seacraft has a fine story and is now proudly located in North Carolina and this 40 footer is just amazing. I think it’s an ultimate bluewater cruising couples boat, guaranteed to take you anywhere, across any ocean.

They’re not cheap adn this one is listed on Yachtworld for around ~$330-340K I believe. But the attention to detail such as the DC electrical panel, is an example of the work that goes into these boats. Cedar lined cabinets and drawers, excellent engine access via the companionway steps and yes, even through a hatch in the cockpit provides unobtrusive access around the whole engine. The galley is properly sized to prepare meals underway, not too big and not too small.

I also noticed that there is always something to grab onto that’s within an arms reach. Pretty slick and much needed in rough seas. This boat’s so nice that it even warmed me up to canoe sterns. Never really been a fan of those but on this boat, I can work with it. There’s nothing bad to say about this boat at all, just simply love it. If I was in the market for a bluewater cruiser (right now), I’d be all over it. May it will come back around in ten years or so when I follow the sun.