And With One Click…Hemispheres Stays

Well, the battle and inner turbulence of either keeping Hemispheres or upgrading to a new boat is over. For the last couple of years, as she is now 15 years old adn reaching that point where major upgrades happen, I’ve been struggling between a newer boar vs. doing upgrades. Well this week, I guess I made that decision with the purchase of the MarinAire 16BTU Heat-A/C. After reading many reviews on their support, ease of installation, and pricing, decided to give them a try. Currently Hemispheres has a Curisair SX16 which is not as efficient, is an amps hog and loud, did I say loud? I looked at the newer Cruisair turbo series, but wow, comments were not friendly.

The MarinAir comes with a sound suppressor for the compressor, which CruisAir charges almost $500 additionally for it. that sealed the deal. So Hemispheres gets a new lease on life, not that she was anywhere end of life. Also helping the decision was not finding a 40 footer in the configuration I’m looking for (see previous posts). So for the rest of the year, new sails, new water heater, new plotter and possibly a below deck autopilot over the existing wheel pilot. Need something stronger for quartering seas.

I’ll post some more photos of pre and post installation later this weekend after we’re done. These are the stock photos.