An Excellent February Weekend for Sailing

Well, we’ve gone from sailing in 35 degrees of weather to the following weekend being in the upper 60s. Two great daysail days. Winds were light when we started each day, then it got up there.

Yesterday we hit winds that topped 25kts before we even realized it. We were all just in that zone moving along when it came up on us. Figured it was time to reef. Of course we had the boat on her ear, topping 22 degrees heel, enough to put the lower port window under water so it looked like an aquarium.

One thing’s for sure, it’s time for new sails. Couldn’t point as high anymore, both the main and genoa are stretched out. Well those are the original sails on the boat, so they’re sixteen years old. Looking at a few sail lofts now, some local and some online.