Hemispheres is Hauled Out, I’m Sad

Well, Hemispheres is hauled out, needing some work done. So of course, I had to throughly clean the interior before dropping her off. You know how your mom used to say, always have clean underwear on in case you have to go to the hospital. Guess that stuck with me in an odd way.


Going to have the bottom done as she’s having a problem keeping the paint on in certain spots, seems to be the same areas too. That big chunk of paint missing on the keel looks like she sustained a plasma blast from a disrupter beam. Oh, and then there’s the propellor. Electrolysis is hitting it bad and here’s the mystery, the zinc is still there so everyone is scratching their heads. I need to get with the diver, maybe he just put a new one on through the shaft zinc much have gone. Well, it’s an excuse to get a new MaxProp feathering prop, the current one is old and seems to need rebuilding anyway. So what to do for the next couple of weeks while she’s on the hard? I guess it’s now kayak season 😉