A Busy maintenance Weekend

When we last left off, the fridge compressor died. Got a recommendation for a local guy named Darrell Foster. I highly, highly, highly recommend him. Got him on short notice as he was inthe area. Checked out the system, discussed it, spent some time online with me looking at various systems and discussed them. Ordered a new system, basically the same one, direct shipped it to him and he got it installed right away. Great guy, professional and easy to work with.

Have to say, this unit just sips power unlike the previous one. The freezer got down to zero and the fridge at 35 degrees, awesome. Also, had it set to full and left the battery charger off for two days. Still had about ~70% battery house bank capacity. So I figure when I get the solar panels on, I can stay out on the hook at Cape Lookout for a week 😉