It’s Time for a TWC Rant

—– Begin Rant —–

Let me just start by saying….I fucking hate Time Warner Cable. It’s a monopolistic, self serving, incompetent company that cannot deliver the basic services that they charge for and hire people who aren’t qualified to work at McDonalds. God help you if you call support and they get to the end of the flowchart without resolving the problem. Their default answer is to powercycle the router, disconnect the coax for 30 seconds and sacrifice two chickens.

Literally just this morning, I paid my TWC bill. I return home this evening to find that theres an outage…again. But I have a new plan. Instead of paying my TWC bill upon arrival, Im just going to wait until I get the second and third notice before paying because most likely, there will be another outage so why pay for something that doesn’t work anyway.

Next, why the hell does TWC keep resetting routers to a default addressing of 192.168.0.? I have a whole network of devices that’s been on for years, for ever. Lately, TWC keeps resetting routers without notice and changes the addressing. I last noticed this when I was away and couldn’t connect to anything back home.

But I’m hopeful as help is on the way in the form of Google Fiber. I’m just counting the months to make the switch as I will be inviting everyone over and throwing a TWC liberation party. The executive and leadership team at TWC, who’s ultimately responsible for this nonsense can take their coax cable and give themselves a collective enema.

As of now, still no internet access, tethering from my iPhone right now chewing up my data plan..

“TWC – We can care less because we can”

—–End Rant —-