That Time Again for Social30

Well, once a year I sign off of social networking for a month, usually in September or October to just take a break and quiet down and reflect. Starting earlier this year as it seems to be the right time to do so with so many things going on, gotta focus on the important things right now. You’ll notice that my accouts (facebook, twitter, etc) will be disabled and will look like I’ve removed my account but it’s just disabled. Still posting to my personal and sailing blog though. So, see you next month!

2 thoughts on “That Time Again for Social30

  1. I don’t know, I thought a BLOG was the original Social Media outlet for individuals. If you read this comment, then yea, the blog is “social” and it is a “media” outlet. Just saying…

  2. True, but not really two way interactive. On my blog, I just post stuff without spending countless time going through other people’s stuff.

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