A Therapy Weekend…..

Me: “Doctor, I’m stressed. Life is getting to me, lots going on….”

Doctor: “Dumbass, don’t you have a sailboat?”

Me: “Oh Yeah…”

For me this particular weekend after a couple of weeks of intense rollercoaster action, I had to get on the water. It was just what I needed. Sailing is always a reminder that you cannot control the elements of your life, you can only adjust your sails, live in the moment and be present. I’ve always said that about sailing, being in the moment and being present. I think I’m finally really to apply that to life in general. You cannot control the weather, the sun or the wind or the rain. All you can do is pay attention to what’s happening and adjust accordingly with your sails, or even say it’s too rouch here and not go out.

Just going in circles with not a care in the world. Enjoying the moment.

You’re not going to go out into an F9 storm because that just won’t end well. There’s times in life when you have to say, hey, that’s not going to end well, no matter how determined you are to fix and hang on to it. Sometimes, storms just come up to remind us that it’s ok to stay in port from time to time.

But onto this weekend’s sailing. Saturday, absolutely no wind. The water was like glass, well, not exactly flat. There was about 3kts of wind. I had to get out anyway so I went out and stayed out for almost four hours, going nowhere. Like I said before, you cannot control the weather, all you can do is adjust accordingly. Well, I took the opportunity to do some work on the boat that’s easier to do when you’re away from the dock. Got the main up and was able wo finally work on my two reefing lines and make some adjustments which I can only do when the mainsail is ip. Dropping the sail while in the slip can be a pain if the wind isn’t dead on and usually it’s blowing from the southwest across the beam. So being out was perfect. So for teh first time in over two years, when I dropped the main, it fell completely into the stackpack. Also made some adjustments to the pack itself, tightening it up and pulling it back, looks and bags much better now. All this because I took the opportunity to adjust myself to the current conditions so the day was a complete sucess.

Though on the sad side, while raising the mainsail, a birds nest fell out and what seemed like a broken unhatched egg. Poor guy, I was bummed about that. I’m thinking like…”what else…”. Though on the “bright” side, got the new anchor light put on while at he yard last weekend so all ready for Cape Lookout for Labor Day weekend. I’ll be doing my annual tradition, work travel, fly back the morning of, drive to Oriental then hop on the boat to the Cape. Expect the annual “Tony Event”.

Raising the main to see a sad suprise of that falling nest.

What it’s like to silence the engine and hear the cavitation of the water at the stern and the wind. Well, not really wind this time but you’ll get the point.