SFO Trip in Noir

Loving this filter more and more. From the skyline to the scenic water and hills and good food in between. Really successful week that aligned with a fantastic product launch. Perfect timing and great briefings. Well, time to leave but definitely will be back soon.

Out and about in Vancouver

Hitting roadwarrior status this year it seems. Started off the year on a traveling frenzy. While I like visiting places, I’m trying to slow it down a bit and explore uncharted places like my house. Apparently, there’s a basement located right under the family room. Who knew? Anyways, here’s that delayed photo journal of Vancouver. Really nice city.

When in the Bay Area….Sausalito

When I’m in the bay area, I always try to find a couple of hours to visit Sausalito, I love it in the winter and early spring before the tourists (like me) show up. Cibo’s for a coffee and head to Fish for dinner. And of all meals, the fish and chips are traditional and perfect. After dinner, a quick stroll amongst the docks where I see my next boat, the Bavaria Vision, and If you’re lucky you can snatch a photo of a rainbow. Oh, and then there’s that guy again….

Testing Blogsy with a video post

Nw trying Blogsy for the iPad. Initially, the interface seems really busy. But it has many features over the standard WordPress IOS app. Now testing a video post with Vimeo




American Airlines Bankruptcy Requirements

With AA in bankruptcy, there should be some conditions made for emerging from it. First, the creditors should require that they sell some routes. I’d recommend that the RDU to DFW be sold to Delta, or at least some of the travel times on that route. Since AA charges ~800 round trip for that route and still goes bankrupt, it’s obvious they can’t manage their business.

Second, outside of this bankruptcy but an example of how some legislations simply don’t work, the absurd Wright Amendment should be repealed. This would allow carriers such as Southwest Airlines to fly directly to Love Field from states that are not adjacent to Texas. How of all states, pro-business Texas, could have such an anti-competitive bill passed to protect an airline is beyond me.

So, for once, think of the customer and the economy, repeal that absurd law and make AA sell some routes.

In an interesting find, apparently the commercial domestic airline industry as a whole, has never made a profit in the five decades of existence. A loss of over ~$30B (that’s billion) dollars, enough to make even Dr. Evil raise another pinky. So when we talk about funding a national rail system that may never make money, remember that investors really aren’t bothered that much about their losses in the airline industry apparently.