How Trump Could Lose the Election—And Still Remain President | Opinion

A very interesting read…

It’s possible only a “people’s firewall” can prevent President Donald Trump from bringing “The Plot Against America” to life.
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Out and about in Vancouver

Hitting roadwarrior status this year it seems. Started off the year on a traveling frenzy. While I like visiting places, I’m trying to slow it down a bit and explore uncharted places like my house. Apparently, there’s a basement located right under the family room. Who knew? Anyways, here’s that delayed photo journal of Vancouver. Really nice city.

When in the Bay Area….Sausalito

When I’m in the bay area, I always try to find a couple of hours to visit Sausalito, I love it in the winter and early spring before the tourists (like me) show up. Cibo’s for a coffee and head to Fish for dinner. And of all meals, the fish and chips are traditional and perfect. After dinner, a quick stroll amongst the docks where I see my next boat, the Bavaria Vision, and If you’re lucky you can snatch a photo of a rainbow. Oh, and then there’s that guy again….

And Just Like That RIAA and MPAA Strike Again

So after the RSC publishes a fantastic report on copyright reform, not even a day goes by before the Hollywood moguls strike fear and terror into the hearts and campaign contribution buckets of the RSC members to take down the report. Being the strong willed, leaders that they are…they quickly complied.

Copyright reform in its current form is not just absurd, but it is restricting innovation and progress, something that the likes of the MPAA and RIAA want to keep as current status. In the end, any and all entities that suppress  freedom and free speech eventually fall. Whether it be kings, governments or business entities that believe people are their products and subjects, eventually they all collapse under the immense pressure or get outflanked due to their narrow thinking. Hollywood should be thinking about how to win over customers with a valued product and service, something equitable to all. If not, they’ll eventually find themselves on the loosing end with a shrinking business due to an outdated business model. Rread the full policy brief here

So, late Friday, we reported on how the Republican Study Committee (the conservative caucus of House Republicans) had put out a surprisingly awesome report about copyright reform. You can read that post to see the details. The report had been fully vetted and reviewed by the RSC before it was released. However, as soon as it was published, the MPAA and RIAA apparently went ballistic and hit the phones hard, demanding that the RSC take down the report. They succeeded. Even though the report had been fully vetted and approved by the RSC, executive director Paul S. Teller has now retracted it, sending out the following email to a wide list of folks this afternoon: