Apple makes 92 percent of all smartphone profits

Here’s an important lesson in business. It’s about a viable and value add product that can demand a significant margin. Not how many units you sell. Apples share of worldwide phone profits is 92%, the remaining 8% is divided amongst the lower valued product manufactures although they ship way more phones. So the lesson? Focus on something of value, not on something to just ship out the door.


One thought on “Apple makes 92 percent of all smartphone profits

  1. On another note, it shows just how much profit apple gains from it’s products. To be sensible, we do need to know the units sold, so we could compare how much profit Apple gains per product vs others. That way we could see exactly why Apple has pretty much dominated profit scores. Is it because their products sell with a huge profit (meaning they’re pretty much overpriced) or do they simply sell much more than the others? Or both.

    Also I do think other makers’ focus is to make the tech available to more people. Imagine if only Apple makes phones, most people in third world countries surely won’t have phones because they can’t afford an iPhone. Yes, business is mostly about making money but some of them also think about reaching more people.

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