Apple makes 92 percent of all smartphone profits

Here’s an important lesson in business. It’s about a viable and value add product that can demand a significant margin. Not how many units you sell. Apples share of worldwide phone profits is 92%, the remaining 8% is divided amongst the lower valued product manufactures although they ship way more phones. So the lesson? Focus on something of value, not on something to just ship out the door.


Just got a visit from AT&T..too funny

So there’s a knock on the door. It’s an AT&T U-Verse representative, and really pushy. He’s here to graciousLy inform me that my subdivision is being upgraded and that gigabit service will be available to me within the month. So he asks who I have now which I inform him that I used to have Uverse, but am now on TWC for broadband only, not interested in TV or phone. Asking me why I left Uverse, I simply explained that at the time, they didn’t have the speeds that I wanted and there were too many outages. Also explained that I’m with TWC for now, but will be moving to Google Fiber as its coming too. 

Then it gets weird. He asks if I run a business at home, because the new Gb Uverse service is for people who have five or more servers at home (and can’t image what that will cost), and for residential at 45Mb is now available. I’m thinking, why the hell did this guy stop at my house?

Then the aggressive sales pitch begin. “Well, if you don’t want the free installation that we’re currently doing along with the free TV set we’re including with this deal, then I guess I’ll need to go to your next door neighbor and offer it to them since you don’t want it”. 

My response? “OK, bye, I’ll wait for Google Fiber….”