Thinking and Speaking in Metaphors

There comes a time when you’re continuously pounding headlong into the wind, observing the coming rocky shoreline and wondering what action to take. Do you stay on course or slightly fall off? You’ve slightly fallen off already but still headed to the rocky shoreline. You realize that only a significant course correction can save your ship.

And on that ship, it can only have one captain, whether alone or with crew. When you battle the challenges of life (or rough seas), you need a crew that is there to support you. You do not need only passengers. It’s the crew that you need to help save the ship.

When you finally realize that you’ve truly been single-handling that boat, you need to make that course adjustment. You may not make it to the port you intended, but you’ll find a port where you can rest, make repairs and provision supplies, essentially recharging and renewing your energy towards life.

Life is a journey. It’s not always fair or friendly, but it’s an opportunity to learn, experience, grow and  reflect. You’re not guaranteed a light at the end of the tunnel or riches at the end of the rainbow or happiness and bliss ever after. You’re given experiences and lessons to learn from and hopefully additional opportunities. When you chart a course, you can only hope that  the crew will support and be there with you, else you need to learn to sail and navigate solo.

And if love remains, though everything is lost…
We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost.

Satire: Every White Supremacist Group Should Have a Black Leader

[Warning: satire notice because someone’s not gonna get it]

Yup, why not? If you’re going to have a cause, why not be inclusive with diversity. Countless studies show that diversity enhances marketing efforts by reaching out to a wider audience. Diversity brings in new ideas, helping your organization think outside the box. For white supremacist groups, having a black leader, even a token one will bring awareness to your cause.

BTW, I’m available For the right price. I’m looking for a modest executive salary in the area of ~$500K per year including bonuses based on recruitment numbers. I can help negotiate advertising rates on Fox News and Adopt a Highway programs. For the record, I have hated people for no particular good reason and jumped on bandwagons with no understanding of the issues. I can also come up with good reasons why “they’re beneath “us” and should leave this country (preferably by cargo ship because overseas airfare is absurd these days). I know a guy who can help get you legitimate non-profit status as a 501C so we can funnel all the money to build our doomsday bunkers for when that Mooselum Dick-tater Hussain Obama takes away our ass-ault riffells. Especially after this week with SCOTUS loosing their collective minds on healthcare to help people and stating that anyone can actually love anyone. I know, nonsense. First off, if you get sick or have an accident, it’s your own damn fault. You shouldn’t have been crossing the street when that car hit you and it was your responsibility to keep cancer at bay. Then this marriage thing, only hetrosexuals should have the privlidge of being pissed off about the marriage tax penalty.

Anyway, as I said, I’m your man (not woman because in a supremacist group, their asses should be in the kitchen making cookies while we have our bonfire meetings). Having a person of color will show your commitment to outreach and furthering the cause. “White Power!!”

Thank you Dave Chappell for this inspiration. I’m out.